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If you're looking for insanely delicious beef jerky, you've found it! Stanford's Jerky is the culmination of years of experimenting, tinkering, and perfecting to create the most exquisite, mouthwatering jerky imaginable. 


We exclusively use USDA Premium London Broil combined with nothing but the finest of ingredients to craft an unparalleled jerky. No beef scraps here! You won't find any nitrates, MSG or preservatives in our product. Stanford's Jerky is the beef jerky you've been searching for.


Attention Hillsborough & Pinellas County Residents!

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One Bag - $5

Two Bags - $9

Five Bags - $20

Nine Bags - $30

Choose your flavors and amounts
1.5 oz (Teriyaki, Southern, Honest JD, Slow Burn)
and 1 oz Candy Bacon

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Put some Stanford's Jerky in those Easter baskets!

Variety 8 pack of 1.5 oz for $29.98

Easter Special!

Buy a 4 ounce and get TWO  1.5 for free of the same flavor

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Do your taste buds right and treat them to our unparalleled taste and quality.

Stanford's Jerky - a cut above.

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