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New Exotic Meats Jerky

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Climax Jerky to bring you several bold and delicious new flavors!

FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 and over. 

You're our favorite kind of person, a person with excellent taste. Your search for phenomenal beef jerky has come to an end. We're here to satisfy all of your high-caliber cravings. Try all of our amazing flavors.

***We Currently sell within the U.S. only. ***
* Our Jerky is not available for resale*

Hey Jerks!

Want to get jerky delivered to your door every month for a super discounted price? Check out the Jerk Club!

Jerk Club Logo Yellow.png

LEVEL 1 - $24.94 a month for 5 bags.

LEVEL 2 - $44.70 a month for 10 bags.
Level 3 - $54.07 a month for 15 bags.

Add Bacon Jerky for $3.63 a bag.

FREE Shipping. Cancel at any time.
Never suffer through checkout isle jerky again.

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