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Get your favorite flavors of Stanford's Jerky in the mail each month.

• Why waste your time shopping? Skip to the good parts and get your favorite Stanford’s Jerky delivered to you.

• No waiting in lines or impulse buying mediocre checkout isle jerky.

• You choose your membership level for the amount of jerky you get each month. And shipping is FREE!

• Club subscriptions are mailed out the first Monday of each month and your credit card will be charged at that time.

The Jerk Club Card

Hey Jerks!

Want to get jerky delivered to your door every month for a super discounted price? Check out the Jerk Club!




LEVEL 1 - $24.94 a month for 5 bags.

LEVEL 2 - $44.70 a month for 10 bags.
Level 3 - $54.07 a month for 15 bags.

Add Bacon Jerky for $3.63 a bag.

Add as many as you like.

Mails out the first Monday of the month.

FREE Shipping (U.S. Only)


 Cancel at any time.

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