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Kyle Stanford & Frank Price, founders of Stanford's Jerky

My name is Kyle Stanford, I’m co-owner of Stanford’s jerky.  I want to tell you a little about myself, and how Stanford’s Jerky came about. I am a single dad and retired police who was injured in the line of duty back in 2010. After 5 knee surgeries, I needed to find a different way to support my family. Now, I’ve been making beef jerky for nearly two decades and everyone -  family, friends and co-workers,  would tell me how delicious it tasted , and some would even say it was the best they ever had.


The business started taking form a few years ago when I was going to the gym with a buddy of mine while rehabilitating my knee and I met my business partner, Frank Price, who was a manager there. I brought in jerky for him and other folks to try. That’s when Frank, told me that it is the best jerky he’d ever had!  A short time after, he  asked me if I’d ever thought about making a business out of beef jerky? My answer was to him, “of course. “ To make a long story short, as they say, Frank and I  ventured into the beef jerky business and have never looked back.


Thanks to our loyal customers, Stanford’s Jerky is growing each year.  From injured cop to business owner, life, like our Jerky, does have some delicious twists and turns. 

With 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Frank was the right choice in helping bring Stanford's Jerky to the world. Frank left the gym industry to become an entrepreneur with the idea that everyone should be able to get some amazing jerky. As we take this journey together, we have learned that the most important step in the success of our business is customer satisfaction. We strive for this through phenomenal jerky and fantastic service. We value and appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Stanford's Jerky.

- Kyle Stanford & Frank Price

About Us

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Our Mission

At Stanford's Jerky our goal is to provide the most delicious and flavorful beef jerky in the USA. Each bag of Stanford's Jerky is created with premium U.S.D.A. certified London Broil and seasoned to perfection. I've told you what's in Stanford's Jerky, now I'll tell you what's not: nitrates, MSG, artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. In short, all of the good, none of the bad. Give us a try, your taste buds will thank you for it.

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